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Quito, 1989


Visual artist living
and working in Quito.


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Balseca's work aims to activate strategies of representation, narration, and/or interaction in order to highlight cultural specificities of a particular place. It explores the relationship and tensions between industrial and craft practices, revealing a fascination with the historic processes, and the configuration of materials involved in the production of manufactured goods. His work often involves transforming the composition of daily objects or certain civil laws into other material forms, or legal experiences. These projects —from small interventions to large-scale 'site specific' actions or video documentations— elaborate on ideas of emerging economies, nature, power, and social memory.

He has participated in major solo and group exhibitions.

At present he win the annual Grants & Commissions Program 2015, at the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO).

In 2013, Balseca won the inaugural Premio Brasil - Emerging Art Price, at Contemporary Art Center of Quito (CAC) and in 2014, he won the Premio Paris at the 12th International Cuenca Biennial: Leaving to return. He was a founding member of the group La Selecta-Cooperativa Cultural, and formed part of the community art collective Tranvía Cero, both based in Quito.